Generation Y (the fuck do I have to do everything for you?)



I truly believe that we did generation Y absolutely no favors by telling them they are so special and they can not lose and they can have whatever they want….

I have never seen a group of individuals with such a sence of entitlement in all my life!

I have 25 year olds mommies calling in sick for them because poor little 25-year-old Johnny is just too sick to come to the phone right now.

They also feel that the job they currently hold is their RIGHT, not a privilege, and they will work whatever hours they want!  Fuck your business needs!

I have one employee who (no shit) came into my office yelling at me, because I didn’t give this individual a performance bonus.  This individual knows/knew what the criteria for getting said bonus is and that the criteria was not met.  But EXPECTED I would write the check anyway.  Sorry sweet-cheeks but some things in life need to be earned!  Not everyone is going to hand you everything you want.

Good lord, I have another 30 years to work with these people!  I think business hours are about to go right out the door and we will have to call the car dealerships employees in advance and arrange an appointment that best suits the employee’s personal schedule!



About batty wisdom

I am just a big city Canadian girl, watching humanity unfold in the craziest ways and taking notes. Here I will share with you my expereinces and observations, come by often, in a place like this there is never a dull moment!
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