How to get what you want, but not have to work for it?

Everyday that passes it becomes more and more clear that I have to continue working for a living.


Still in my early 30’s and I have spent the last 16 trying to figure out how people afford the million dollar houses in my neighbourhood but never seem to have to leave the house and go to work?

I’ll explain a typical work week for you and you tell me what is wrong here.  I get up at 6am out the door no later then 7.  I arrive at work between 7 and 7:30am to a list of people who couldn’t be bothered coming into work today.  This means rather than doing my job I have to do their jobs.  So I get busy covering their responsibilities and watch mine pile up on my desk.  3:30pm is quitting time!  But wait, where are the other 3 people who come in to relieve the day crew at 3:30?  Oh ya they are all Gen Y, they will show up when it is good for them, fuck your job and responsibilities, “my mommy told me I can do anything and you better be happy I show up at all”. 

The place goes fucking nuts for an hour because there are 2 where there should be 6!  I’m stuck here can’t let my team down. 

Finally all my gen y’s show up and start working and I can leave for the day.  NO WAIT… my boss would like an impromptu meeting about how I can avoid this situation in the future.  Hire only Generation X?  The generation with a work ethic?  I cant do that all the talent is in Gen Y, they will just make you wait for it and god forbid there is a party! 

I finally make it home somewhere between 6:30pm and 10pm exhausted and listing off the things I have to do around the house before I can fall into bed and do it all again tomorrow. 

What amazes me is that after all the hours I work and still can not afford a house in this city.  How when I walk/drive around my neighbourhood and look at the million+ dollar homes, the people who own them always seem to be home, any time of day?  They are out mowing the lawn tending to the flowers etc…

So my question is…..

How do I stop working, but get a nice house in a great neighbourhood and a few nice cars in the driveway?  I would really like to know.  I’m ready to retire but I want to retire with what all my neighbours have.



About batty wisdom

I am just a big city Canadian girl, watching humanity unfold in the craziest ways and taking notes. Here I will share with you my expereinces and observations, come by often, in a place like this there is never a dull moment!
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