phone call driving

I am all for safe driving!

After loosing a good friend in a car crash I can’t help but be sensitive when it comes to road safety.  But the evolution of humanity and their need to always be in touch amuses me, so I will share my thoughts.

10 years ago you were hot shit if you had a “Car phone”  I mean HOT SHIT!  It meant you were important and the world needed you to be in comunicato at all times!  If you have never seen a car phone well let me draw you a picture.  These things were huge.  Like your grandmas wall phone.  They were attached to the console of your car, had a keypad on the base and a handset on a cord.  Try driving and dialing this beast!

The only reason there were not more accidents involving the use of car phones is because you had to be HOT SHIT to afford one, so not many people had the privilege.

Now fast forward 10 years and EVERYONE has a cell phone, and if you don’t WTF?  Get with it, home phones are a thing of the past.  Don’t you know that your friends and family need to be able to reach you even if you are at the grocery store?  Have some common courtesy!  Not to mention how important it is to update twitter on the freshness of the lemons at Lawblaws!

So back to my point.  Everyone has a cell phone.  We feel obligated to answer when it rings or respond when a text comes in.  As a result people are distracted by their phones when they are driving.  Lets face it your loved ones are not exactly patient either.  They will call back or text 300 times if you don’t answer, you must be dead in a ditch somewhere if they get voice mail or their text goes unanswered for 30 seconds!

My lovely GF texted me once while I was driving 10 times asking for me to pick up some fries on my way home:

“Hunny can you pick up fries on your way home?”


Can you get me fries?

I really would like some fries

baby why aren’t you answering me?  I want fries!

Well are you going to get some fries?

Large Fries

Hello? Fries?!

Are you okay?

I’m not answering beause I am driving “on my way home” and YES FUCK FRIES!  God I love her.  So I walk in the door with said fries and throw them at her.. She says why didn’t you answer me? all I wanted was Fries… Oh lord.

Baby girl come here, give me a hug… I love you but I can’t answer your texts while I’m driving and If you do that again I might go postal.  Forewarning!

Where was I?

Oh ya so texting and talking on a cell while driving.  Its dangerous because everyone is doing it!  No one is paying attention to the road.   So pay attention.

Having said that If I want to text at a stop light get over it!  I’m not moving, the worst that will happen is someone will get pissed cause I don’t go at the exact moment the light changes to green!


About batty wisdom

I am just a big city Canadian girl, watching humanity unfold in the craziest ways and taking notes. Here I will share with you my expereinces and observations, come by often, in a place like this there is never a dull moment!
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