MMMMmmmm….. Chicken!

I saw this image today…


… and I coulnd’t help but reminisce on the brilliant plot of Babe.  Not Pig in the City, Pig in the slums or Pig in the Olympics.  But the original Babe.  Ferdinand didn’t want to end up roasted, broiled or sandwiched either and spent all his time coming up with ways to make himself useful so he wouldn’t end up on the dinner table.

Suggestion.  Don’t be so damn tasty!


Your time is up Ducky!

Although Ferdinand did make a rather good rooster, he still looked quite yummy (Who am I kidding?  I’ve never eaten duck…. Unless… they are found amongst all the other mystery meats found at McDonalds?

There is only one flaw in Ferdinand’s plan.  Human’s have been very useful.  We managed to almost completely destroy most of nature.  We have been productive in cutting down the trees to put up parking lots.  And yet somehow we are now on the humans food chain as well.

Although a homeless mans face looks appetising.  I might suggest skipping the face and taking the trip right downtown.  If your going to get naked to do it anyway you might as well get some directions first and make the meal productive.  Then everyone goes home happy!  The face might even end up with a smile on it!  Oh and you may want to ask permission first!  People don’t appreciate being made a meal of unless they willingly agree first.

Anyway Ferdinand and little cute delicious looking chick… the oven is warming… and well, neither of you are capable of smiling!


About batty wisdom

I am just a big city Canadian girl, watching humanity unfold in the craziest ways and taking notes. Here I will share with you my expereinces and observations, come by often, in a place like this there is never a dull moment!
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