Where does the water go?

I have a 16 gallon fish tank in my living room.  It is a beautiful trophy shaped tank that currently houses 5 mystery fish.  I swear I knew what kind of fish they were when I bought them.  I even wrote it down on the form needed to obtain said fish from the store.  Now I have not a clue what type of fish they are… but they are troopers!  Somehow they manage to live through week long vacations where I forget to put week long food supplies in the tank.  The heater that is to make sure they remain at a comfortable tempurature’s light is on but no one is home.

To make matters worse somehow the tank drinks water.  It reminds me of watching the water cooler at work slowly dwindle until there is nothing left.  I am not sure where the water is going?  There is no leak in the tank?  I stopped using the fish water for my evening tea.  I even removed the convenient drinking straw that ensured plenty of hydration from one side of the living room sofa.  Still the water falls about a gallon every day or so.

It reminds me of the one tire on my supreme hunk of crap car.  The one that I cuss out everytime I am running late for work that decides this is the best day to leak out all the air.  The reason I have had the tires resealed 4 times and finally broke down and bought a portable pump.  (I’ll be damned if I am paying the gas station $1 for AIR)

My house isn’t particularly dry, I have yet to fantasize about a mirage of a cola machine appearing in the distance while in my home… Wait I take that back.  But the fantasy isn’t borne of my slow dehydration due to the air in my home sucking me dry of vital fluids, its just…..mmm pop….

My point is how is it possible that gallons of fluid are disappearing from the fish tank at an alarming rate?!

I think I will set up a nanny cam and catch the fucker who drinking my fish’ precious water.  And when I do…..

…Maybe I will remember to put down a bowl of water for him in the morning…


About batty wisdom

I am just a big city Canadian girl, watching humanity unfold in the craziest ways and taking notes. Here I will share with you my expereinces and observations, come by often, in a place like this there is never a dull moment!
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